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How Does Registering a Supported Living Service Prove Beneficial?

Supported Living Service – SLS is a concept which focuses on giving essential care to people having developmental disabilities. Registering a Supported Living Service for your loved ones give them the backing to exercise meaningful choices and control of their regular lives. It also covers their choice of living.

By Registering for a Supported Living Service, your loved ones get a chance to –


# Choose their personal attendants and house mates for their proper care.

# Become an active member of a community.

# Aid them in managing their own financial affairs and other personal supports.

More importantly, by assisting your loved ones register for an SLS, you are also giving them the required support to select and move into a home for their optimal care and well-being.



Ever Thought about a Simple Medicines Management Audit Tool?

Perhaps a bit, otherwise you wouldn’t be here in the first place.
Why are you here though? To get a better idea of medicines management audit? Or just to know about medicinal management audit tool?
Here’s a sneak peek of an intro:
You must be looking for a top social care institution for someone. Going through everything, you come across this, an audit tool which is somehow relative to them.
It is more than you know. The best social institutions score high in these audit tools. Medicines obviously come into the picture.
Either way, you’re going to have a better idea once you’re done with this. Have a thorough read!



What is the Significance of Medication Audit Tool in UK Care Homes?

Medication audit tool is a mandatory prospect for most care homes in the UK. You may ask why? The reason being, it aids everyone understand all laid down specific rules and regulations of the home care industry.

Elucidating the importance of such medical audit systems:

  • Helps find out mistakes of your staff:

With a medical audit system, you will know where your staff members are going wrong.

  • Being aware of their mistakes, you can train them and make them more diligent and knowledgeable while carrying out their responsibilities.
  • You can make them more organized and more proficient
  • Plus, with this system, you can use it to give timely feedbacks consistently, formulate friendly bond and make way for more positive outcomes.


Get a complete idea on ‘registration of my service’ for health care centre

People presently are very worried about their health. There are several care providers who are willing to set up clinics to aid people suffering from both mental or physical ailment. But, where the concern lies is, how good will be their service? For this reason, people are looking for authentic places where they can opt for ‘registration of my service.’

So, how will you control the quality? This calls for Cared 4 system by authentic health care consultancies.

Throwing some more light on Cared 4

There are several policies and procedures designed to ensure that all care clinics follow the regulation to keep a consistency in service. Every patient has to be treated with technicality, affection and proper maintenance. This can only be possible if the centre has certification under the policies of Cared 4.


All You Wanted To Know About Getting A CQC Registration

CQC stands for “The Care Quality Commission” and is a form of an executive public body of the health department in the UK. There are certain questions about registration of CQC that are often asked by people. Here we’ve answered a few for you.

What is a provider?

A provider is a legal entity who is responsible for performing all the regulated activities for which they seek registration. There are mainly three types of providers:

  • An individual
  • Partnership
  • Organization

Send an application

To get registered, a properly filled CQC registration application form must be sent by the provider to the concerned office. They should present all the details pertaining to the applicant, all the regulated activities they want to apply for and the location from which, at which, the permission needs to be granted.


Tips For Successfully Registering A Learning Disabilities Service

There are many supported living facilities in the UK that are dedicated towards providing total support and the sense of independence to people with learning disabilities. These facilities will have well trained staff to provide personalised care to their clients.

These type of facilities are available in hospitals and also in small private living institutes. These service providers will be able to run their business only after completing the process of registering their service, as per the requirements of CQC regulations.

There have been some updates on the regulations in 2016. Now the service providers will have to make sure that their care centres are focussed towards providing personalised support to their clients.

As a matter of fact, it has become the main criteria for registering a learning disabilities service. These new guidance policies are jointly developed by many of the national adult service agencies. Therefore, many new service providers are finding it very difficult to pass the registration process.

The inspectors can reject the applications of new service providers, if they do not fall in line with the national policies. Therefore it is very important for you to know about the different rejection criteria, in order to get your services successfully registered.

For example, as per the new published guidelines outlined by NICE, if you apply for registration as a ‘small-scale housing’ for running your supported living services, then you can provide housing to only six people or less. Also, you will need to be prepared for surprise inspections, even after the completion of registration.

Assistance for a successfully registering a learning disabilities service:

It is very important for the new service providers to understand each and every steps that are involved for the registration, in order to avoid getting rejected. Bettal is one of the best online resources which provides total assistance for getting your services registered successfully.

You can get access to all the important documents and forms after enrolling for a monthly membership at their website. In addition to providing excellent customer support, they also provide quality management systems that will help you in running your support services, without having to face any legal interruptions.

The Best Way For Registering Your Supported Living Services

People with learning disabilities generally prefer the option of supported living, rather than staying at the care homes. The main advantage is that this type of service allows for a better personalised care.

You get more flexible options like, where you wish to live, with whom you would like to share your living space, and also about how you are supported, and by whom. Therefore, it gives people a better control about how they wish to live their lives.

It promotes independence in individuals, where they will not feel the impacts of everyday psychological barriers. Therefore, it is consider as a great housing and care option for those with learning disabilities.