Everything You Should Know about CQC Policies and Procedures

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy and secure lifestyle? Care Quality Commission has therefore taken an initiative to let you feel best throughout the year. This regulatory body ensures individuals with different care facilities that are wrapped in quality services. However, in order to live a happy life, there are certain standards or norms that one should take care of. These social services policies and procedures are also introduced by CQC covers a vast area of care homes and highlights the safeguard referrals as well.

There are some key points that one should check before committing with a care home. If you’re also interested to learn a little about social services policies and procedures, then go through these key factors below –

Independence for aged people:

If you’re looking for a care home for the elder persons of your house, then it’s your prior responsibility to check whether the care home provides quality services. Independence means a lot to everyone of any age. So, check first whether the care home is offering perfect independence to your elder family member. This independence involves certain luxurious facilities such as – a clean bathroom, day and night care and emergency services.

Is it pet-friendly?

A person who is in love with any kind of pet will be looking for a pet-friendly place. Also, animals and birds can really rejuvenate your mood with their cute activities. They’re playful and make your mood stress-free. Hence, check in the box ‘pet-friendly care home’ before you pick up one from the search engine.

Is there any relaxation room available?

Last but not the least – visit your care home once to know if there you can avail any relaxation room such as a library, gym or a cafe. These are the places where you can sit and spend hours without getting bored.

In a nutshell, the social services policies and procedures of a care home is a reflection of their good quality leadership and management. They’re aware of their responsibility towards individuals and raise concerns in case of emergency.


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