The Effectiveness of Quality Management System for Care Services

Quality management is important for every social and health care sector to provide the best care services for everyone. In order to enhance the service efficiency and productivity, the social and health care organisations should concentrate on offering quality maintenance. It is proven that to improve services in the healthcare sector, the organisations must follow proper procedures, guidelines and principle set by the authorities. Quality standards are set for social and health care and the purpose behind it is to increase the quality of the sector which offers responsible care to the community.

683f1-25402540-test-5-4The Principles of Quality Management for Social and Health Care Services:

The care services quality management system plays an important role in establishing some guiding principles. They are:


One of the main functions of the care services quality management system is its monitoring compliance. It is monitored as a part of the quality management assurance that is being followed by patients for optimal care. There are several ways for compliance monitoring, but one of the most popular methods is quality audits.

Risk Management

Quality management aids to mitigate, minimize and manage healthcare. Risk management is a crucial part of keeping patients secure and ensure that the care received doesn’t harm safety or health. Efforts in proper quality management are known to keep patients safe and reduce their health threats by daily monitoring the medications of the patients.

Improvement Process

The social and healthcare organisations highly benefit from the care services quality management system as the areas of weakness are figured out via compliance audits. The knowledge of where the organisations have the potential to upgrade is crucial for companies to ensure their feasible. Weakness hampers growth and success, so quality management efforts are advantageous to the administrators of a healthcare organisation. It helps them to make the necessary improvements to keep their company in proper condition.

Technical Assistance

When weaknesses or errors are found in audits – the quality management team work with the particular employee to set things straight and offer an educational background on the compliance area.



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