Tips For Successfully Registering A Learning Disabilities Service

There are many supported living facilities in the UK that are dedicated towards providing total support and the sense of independence to people with learning disabilities. These facilities will have well trained staff to provide personalised care to their clients.

These type of facilities are available in hospitals and also in small private living institutes. These service providers will be able to run their business only after completing the process of registering their service, as per the requirements of CQC regulations.

There have been some updates on the regulations in 2016. Now the service providers will have to make sure that their care centres are focussed towards providing personalised support to their clients.

As a matter of fact, it has become the main criteria for registering a learning disabilities service. These new guidance policies are jointly developed by many of the national adult service agencies. Therefore, many new service providers are finding it very difficult to pass the registration process.

The inspectors can reject the applications of new service providers, if they do not fall in line with the national policies. Therefore it is very important for you to know about the different rejection criteria, in order to get your services successfully registered.

For example, as per the new published guidelines outlined by NICE, if you apply for registration as a ‘small-scale housing’ for running your supported living services, then you can provide housing to only six people or less. Also, you will need to be prepared for surprise inspections, even after the completion of registration.

Assistance for a successfully registering a learning disabilities service:

It is very important for the new service providers to understand each and every steps that are involved for the registration, in order to avoid getting rejected. Bettal is one of the best online resources which provides total assistance for getting your services registered successfully.

You can get access to all the important documents and forms after enrolling for a monthly membership at their website. In addition to providing excellent customer support, they also provide quality management systems that will help you in running your support services, without having to face any legal interruptions.


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